How much does a calligraphed envelope cost?

You can expect to pay $3.50+ per envelope depending on ink color, style, and formatting.

What is my first step when inquiring about envelope addressing?

You will first need to fill out the contact form under “Contact Me.”  You will then receive a greeting email from me along with a questionnaire and a contract to fill out (if you decide to book with me). We will also talk over the phone or meet in person so that I can better understand your calligraphy needs!

How long will my wedding invitations take to be addressed?

Please allow for at least 2-3 weeks for 100-150 invitations and 3-4 weeks for 200-300+ invitations.

How much does a custom 8×10 calligraphy piece cost?

8×10 custom calligraphy pieces start around $40.  Watercolor and other mediums and intricate designs will add onto the total price.

How long does a custom piece take to complete?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for custom pieces.  Bigger pieces will take more time.

What are rush orders and how much do you charge?

Rush orders are any orders that will require the work to be done before the designated times above.  50% of total price will be added.

I need my wedding invitations addressed.  When should I contact you?

It is recommended to contact your calligrapher 4-6 months ahead of when you need them done and sent.