Friday Favorites

  1.  Turkish towels


Big, plush, soft, and stylish.  My go to kitchen towels. I found mine at TJ Maxx, but Amazon also has some good options here.


2.  Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens

* name and address have been made up and changed to protect privacy*

When I first started doing brush lettering, my favorite pen was the Pentel Touch.  Soon after, I ordered these Tobows.  For a while, Pentel remained my favorite.  Until I started doing 100s of invitations…. I soon began to despise the Pentel and love the Tombows.  With the Pentel, it’s really hard to get a hairline upstroke.  The Tombows deliver on this every time.


3.  Coral Carpet Sedum


*Image found here*

As I was perusing our little downtown farmer’s market, this plant stopped me in my tracks.  It looks like a succulent, but it acts as ground cover.  I haven’t bought any yet, but I’m in love and totally digging it… now to find where I would put it…

4.  Ikea Ektorp couch


Two days after I bought this couch, my 3 year old took a non-washable marker and doodled all over it.  I almost cried before I remembered that I could just take off the slipcover and wash it.  In less than 2 hours, it was back on the couch in mint condition.  Not joking.  I will forever sing this couch’s praises.  (It also took me less than an hour to put together- and that’s a huge plus in my book).

5.  Simple Matters by Erin Boyle


Finally a simple book on simple living.  The perfect coffee table book.  Beautiful to look at, practical to flip through.


6.  Tea cups and saucers


I love rummaging thrift stores for these.  For mere cents, these become classics in my collection.

What are some of your favorite things?


Simple Cleaner

By nature, I’m not a cleaner.  A tidier and an organizer-yes.  But cleaning…. I have to be in the mood.  In order to simplify my cleaning routine, I’ve found that water and a little bit of soap goes quite a long way.  This simple cleaner has really changed the way I do cleaning.  Instead of grabbing 15 bottles of cleaner and pondering whether or not I want to have a headache for the rest of the day, this cleaner is my go to, cleaning all the surfaces of my home safely and gently.  DSC_0581

Simple Cleaner

I got these wonderful spray bottles at IKEA for 99 cents.  I loved the color and shape, and they spray very smoothly- it’s the little things.  My favorite dish soap is Palmolive’s Pure and Clear.  It has a pleasant mild scent, and still gets my dishes exceptionally clean.  So I knew it would do the same in the cleaner.  My two favorite essential oils are tea tree oil and lemon.  They both leave such a wonderful clean smell behind, and they both have amazing disinfectant properties!



These cleaners have become the workhorses for cleaning my house.  And they couldn’t be simpler or easier to make.

12 Items to Buy Second Hand

Here are 12 items that you can buy second hand to save you money and add more character to your home and wardrobe

Life can get expensive.  Filling your home and your wardrobe with pieces you love on a budget can be quite a challenge!  I have been thrifting and garage saleing my whole life…before it was cool. When my Mom had 4 little ones under 5 on my Dad’s teacher salary, she learned how to shop, thrift and garage sale like a pro!  And I’m very grateful for all the tips I’ve learned from her.  When it came to decorating and organizing my home and buying clothes for myself and my family, thrift stores are my go-to.  If you’re looking for some great thrifting tips, my sister has some great ones here.  In this article, I’ll be recommending some items to be on the look out for when you hit thrift stores, antique stores, and garage sales.

1.  Solid Wood Furniture and Shelves



2.  Genuine Leather


3.  Unique/ Old Items


4.  Baskets


5.  Vintage Glassware



6.  Name Brand Clothing- Especially with tags on them!


7.  Linen napkins


8.  Books





9.  Throw pillows


10.  Wall Art/ Mirrors


11.  Lamps


Used to be gold, navy and burgandy and I spray painted it white for a totally different look.  Added a $10 burlap shade for a total of $13.

12.  Organization Items


These are the items I always look for when thrifting.  Always look for high quality, genuine leather, solid wood.  Don’t settle just because you’re at a thrift store! Happy thrifting!