Downtown Marietta Watercolor Print

I have a fond admiration obsession for maps.  Especially vintage ones.  I also LOVE our quaint downtown with all of the amazing restaurants and green space.  I really wanted to capture all of that in an artistic way.  So I ventured the 2.1 miles to downtown and sat in the coffee shop and sketched out a map of “the square” and its restaurants.  I researched each restaurant’s logo and tried to capture the detail of each one.  A little watercolor and some outlines were added once it was all sketched out.  I must admit… I selfishly did this commission for myself, but after posting it on Facebook, I was flattered by how much people wanted it!  Keep your eye out, they’ll be coming to the market very soon!


And just between you and me?


If I had to pick one restaurant out of the bunch?


I couldn’t.  Because they are ALL A-MAZING.  Just ask Alton Brown.


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