Wildflower Cupcakes

I love, love, love making cupcakes.  It’s honestly one of my favorite hobbies of all time.  They’re not too time consuming and the decorations and flavors are endless! I was asked by my aunt to make some wildflower cupcakes for her niece’s bridal shower.  And I couldn’t be more in the mood with all the 70-80 degree sunny weather we’ve been having around here!  I was given this picture from pinterest as inspiration:


I mean, how cool are those two-toned roses???  I was excited, yet nervous because I had never attempted to make a two-toned rose before.  But it ended up being so easy!  Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make a two-toned rose!

I used a light yellow buttercream with a pink buttercream as well as one with white and light blue…


For the white roses, I used a 1M nozzle.  And for the two-toned roses, I used a 2D nozzle.  I didn’t really see much of a difference between the two.  The 2D is maybe a little bit more “flowy”? Both of those nozzles are my go-to for cupcakes.


For the white “hydrangea” cupcakes, I used the 1M tip as well.


For the purple flowers, I used a 4B open star tip.


Here is the set of cupcake tips that I have, and I LOVE them.  It’s fun to experiment and try new styles and designs! Have you tried decorating cupcakes?  It’s really not as hard as you think!  Check out this awesome tutorial below for different ideas on how to make your cupcakes beautiful and professional…